Russia’s military has fired a hypersonic ballistic missile and destroyed a big underground arms depot in western Ukraine, the defence ministry in Moscow has said,” according to BBC.

OPINION EDITORIAL (Op-Ed): Typical destructive focused entities, individuals (including psychopaths), and organizations get desperate, by automatic default when they do not get what they want, how they want it, and when they want it, and/or they feel or sense their ego, consciously and/or subconsciously, or reputation may be tarnished and then ask, beg, demand, and/or blackmail for help, advice, assistance, and/or guidance from external organizations. Such is the case recently with Russia asking the Chinese Government (The People’s Republic of China) for economic, military, and financial assistance to support their unwarranted, unprovoked, and unjustified “Special Military Operation”, or also called/termed an Invasion And Active WAR in all countries on Earth other than Russia, even going far as to ask the Chinese Government to feed their dying and surviving Russian military troops with Meal Ready-To-Eat (MRE’s) kits. Logically, Obviously, and Naturally now that the Syrian and the Chinese Governments have been asked for help by Russia, Iran and North Korea are next up to bat. Russia’s Leadership and Russian President Putin, Regardless of the self-induced amnesia, “Military Doctrine”, fantastical brainwashing, self-echoing transformation of manufactured reality into self-actualized reality of fact(s), or simply legally defined willful blindness or conscious avoidance (click here) in the wording (e.g. esoteric, caustic, ambivalent, ignorant, dumb, stupid, advised, guidance, executive-directive, guidelines, coerced, divisive, abstruse, ambiguous, vague, misleading, objectionable, controversial, leveraged, blinded, masked, unmasked, main-street, swamp, distorting, manufacturing, argumentative, generic, academic, scholarly, Absolutely “Incompetent”, Scripted, Rehearsed, Planned, Premeditated, Willful, InMature, Juvenile, Childish, coded, linguistic, “That wasn’t my Intend” (Thereby freely, without coercion, admitting there was Intent) or even Cryptic) does not matter, it is all the same; “They Are What They Are” and “It Is What It Is.”

United States (U.S.) Officials have confirmed the Russian Hypersonic missiles were launched, as announced by Russia, according to The Cable News Network (C.N.N.) on Saturday March 18, 2022:

Verbatim from C.N.N: “US officials confirm Russia has used hypersonic missiles against Ukraine

From CNN’s Natasha Bertrand, Jim Sciutto and Barbara Starr:

US officials confirmed to CNN that Russia launched hypersonic missiles against Ukraine last week, the first known use of such missiles in combat. The US was able to track the launches in real time, the sources said.

The launches were likely intended to test the weapons and send a message to the West about Russian capabilities, multiple sources told CNN. Russia’s Ministry of Defence said Saturday that it had launched hypersonic Kinzhal missiles against a military ammunitions warehouse in western Ukraine on Friday, destroying the structure in the Ukrainian village of Delyatin. CNN is unable to independently verify this claim.

Traveling at Mach 5 speed or faster, hypersonic weapons are difficult to detect, posing a challenge to missile defense systems. Hypersonic missiles can travel at a far lower trajectory than high-arcing ballistic missiles, which can be easily detectable. Hypersonics can also maneuver and evade missile defense systems.

The Pentagon has made developing hypersonic weapons one of its top priorities, particularly as China and Russia are working to develop their own versions.

CNN’s Oren Liebermann contributed to this report.”

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