Precision Manuals Development Group’s (P.M.D.G.) Captain Robert S. Randazzo Kicks Off the New Year 2022 with a Heartfelt and Optimistic Update.

Disclaimer for any potential litigation hunters, not inclusive of Judge Wapner’s The People’s Court, the top article image was sourced from P.M.D.G: .

Captain Randazzo, sole owner and Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.) of Precision Manuals Development Group (P.M.D.G.), reports the Boeing 737 Next Generation (N.G.) High-Fidelity flight Simulator for the Microsoft Flight Simulator (M.S.F.S.) is progressing nicely with the above in development screenshot of the Honeywell Aerospace Enhanced Warning Ground Proximity System (E.W.G.P.S.) and vertical flightpath profile functionalities shown on the first officers’ primary flight display.

Captain Randazzo’s articulates under the surface details, issues, problems, and conundrums with Grace & Warmth; and much needed, essential, and required Humor and/or Sarcasm that is Well & Greatly Received to the reader, with a reasonable amount of Adult Genuine Maturity. Using and leveraging his previous real life Captain experience of being a Beech 1900 twin (2) engine turbo propeller (turboprop) regional aircraft with a regional airline and Boeing 747 – 400 type rating, Captain Randazzo’s P.M.D.G. is, and historically has been, the undisputed leader in High-Fidelity Boeing airline transport category aircraft flight simulation for the desktop & laptop personal computer(s).

Over the decades since P.M.D.G. moved into the Microsoft Flight Simulator-Verse-Dome-Orbit (M.S.F.S.V.D.O.) from its’ pioneering work with a Boeing 747 – 400 in the Terminal Reality FLY! Flight Simulator nearly twenty years, or two (2) decades ago, I have greatly enjoyed and appreciated Captain Randazzo’s AVSIM and new independent forum posts as pleasant, warm, and informative readings, similar to those found in FLYING magazine.

Captain Randazzo also mentions an update, making changes to LNAV and Flight Director controls laws, is pending with the sign off from the second round of beta testing for the Boeing 747 Lockheed Martin Prepar3D product line.

The full post from Captain Randazzo can be read (Please note, free-no cost account login is required to view the screenshot) from the following link:

3 thoughts on “Precision Manuals Development Group’s (P.M.D.G.) Captain Robert S. Randazzo Kicks Off the New Year 2022 with a Heartfelt and Optimistic Update.

  1. I honestly can’t tell if this whole website is some sort of joke or if it’s actually real. With all the acronyms like M.S.F.S.V.D.O. and all the spineless ass kissing of PMDG this almost has to be some sort of joke.


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