Virgin Orbit Launches and Deploys Seven (7) Satellites with a Mission name labeled: Above The Clouds

The top picture was sourced from the Virgin Orbit Twitter page:

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By: David Michael Edwards B.S., M.B.A.

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Virgin Orbit (Long Beach, California; USA), a spin off company from the pioneering Virgin Galactic company, launched and deployed seven (7) small satellites today from a specially modified Boeing 747. The launch was live streaming through the companies webpage.

Virgin Orbit is a boutique small satellite launching company with the marketing line & slogan “THE PREMIERE SMALL SATELLITE LAUNCH SERVICE”, Prominently Display on the front page of the company website. “WE ARE ON A MISSION TO OPEN SPACE TO EVERYONE” is also displayed on the front lower right corner of the Virgin Orbit front page.

Notably, today’s Virgin Orbit launch was in the immediate wake of an earlier negatively disturbing announcement from Virgin Galactic; Just Hours Before on the same day, possibly as damage control and/or distraction.

Virgin Galactic decided to DROP the news it will be taking on an additional $425 million to $500 million United States Dollars (U.S.D.) of debt, while it has paused All revenue generating flight presumably through the end of the year or longer, according to Barrons ( Moreover, stockholding stakeholders took the latest gut punch with “Its stock shed more than 16% at one point during trading Thursday morning, hitting a low of $10.36 per share. That’s a far cry from its all-time high of $62.80, hit in early 2021,” according to the Cable News Network (

Virgin Galactic stock (New York Stock Exchange symbol: SPCE) closed the day trading at $10.03 U.S.D., down 18.92% on the day from the previous low value (

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