The Hubble Space Telescope Successor, the James Web Telescope, Has Been Deployed.

The top photograph of the Launching of the the James Web telescope was soured from the Cable News Network (C.N.N.):

First reported and reported by Cable News Network’s (C.N.N.) Ashley Strickland, The telescope lifted off atop an Ariane 5 rocket from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana at 7:20 a.m. ET.”

“The telescope comes equipped with a mirror that can extend 21 feet and 4 inches (6.5 meters) — a massive length that will allow the mirror to collect more light from the objects it observes once the telescope is in space. The more light the mirror can collect, the more details the telescope can observe.”

N.A.S.A. Twitter:

Merry Christmas! We got you a new telescope. The James Webb Space Telescope launched today, beginning a onemillion-mile journey to see 13.5 billion years into the past. Follow @NASAWebb and join the quest to #UnfoldTheUniverse:

The James Web Space Telescope Inaugural Deployment will be stationed 1,000,000 (One-Million) miles from Earth.

General N.A.S.A. information on the James Web Space Telescope can be found here and below:

The James Web Space Telescope Tracker can be found here and below:

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