Captain Robert Randazzo of Precision Manual Development Group (P.M.D.G.) Publishes an Update Essay And Some Promising Screenshots of a Boeing 737 Next Generation (N.G.) Aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator (M.S.F.S.).

Notices, Disclosures, and Disclaimers: 1) The Top/Lead photograph was sourced from the International Flight Network: , 2) The above photograph was sourced from: , and 3) All screenshots herein are sourced from:

Captain Robert Randazzo Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.) and presumed ( I hope the usage of the word “Presumed” is not perceived and/or interpreted as being too Complex, Offensive, Insulting and/or Fancy for The Masses Or the grammar police sensory palette’s ) Sole Owner and Stakeholder of Precision Manual Development Group (P.M.D.G.) has published a thoughtful, intelligent, and Pleasant update essay and development screenshots for the most anticipated company product since it ventured into the Microsoft Flight Simulator (M.S.F.S.) market and platform decades ago, the Boeing 737 Next Generation (N.G.) Airline Transport Category aircraft. His latest forum post essay can be read and viewed by clicking your left mouse button twice right here. Please note: a forum account and account login are both required to view the developmental screenshots.

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