UNITED Airlines (New York Stock Exchange [N.Y.S.E.] symbol: UAL) Places Historic Aircraft Order; Paving It’s Long-Term Strategic Roadmap.

* The top/lead photograph for this article was sourced from: https://twitter.com/avgeekretweeter/status/1151481653681938432

First reported today by Cable News Network’s (C.N.N.) Business Division’s Chris Isidore, UNITED Airlines (New York Stock Exchange [N.Y.S.E.] symbol: UAL) orders two-hundred (200) Boeing (N.Y.S.E. Symbol: BA) 737 MAX aircraft and seventy (70) Airbus (EADSF) A321 new engine option (A321neo) aircraft.

Mr. Isidore explains UNITED Airlines intends to replace a large fraction of its fifty (50) seat regional jet fleet with modern and traditional airline transport category narrow body aircraft. He further goes to to explain the stabilization of the global airline industry is giving UNITED Airlines reassurance and definitive confidence to make this convincing financial move and long-term capital investment. Lastly, Mr. Isidore goes onto estimate the historic bargain price, while undisclosed, is estimated to be far less than fifty percent (50%) of the list price of the order at $35,000,000,000 ($35.0 Billion) United States Dollars (U.S.D.).

Viewing and thinking through that lens, I guesstimate the contractual price of the combined orders is in the range of $14 to $8.75 Billion U.S.D.

Recently, I reported that UNITED Airlines intends to resurrect supersonic airline service by the year 2029.

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