REVIEW: Airport Regional Environment X (A.R.E.X.) North America Add-On For Microsoft Flight Simulator; Created & Developed By LatinVFR.

REVIEW: Airport Regional Environment X (A.R.E.X.) North America Add-On For Microsoft Flight Simulator; Created & Developed By LatinVFR.

By: David Michael Edwards B.S., M.B.A.

Dave’s Professional LinkedIn Profile can be viewed by Clicking You Left Mouse Button RIGHT HERE.

Product Synopsis and Overview:

LatinVFR‘s Airport Regional Environment X (A.R.E.X.) North America (N.A.) provides United States (U.S.), Mexico, and Canada regionally specific high-fidelity airport vehicles graphics; replacing the generic and bland stock airport vehicles provided in Microsoft Flight Simulation (M.S.F.S.).

Scope and Goal:

The scope of this review is to evaluate the overall quality, in association its degree of fidelity, and its effective utility within the simulation.

The goal of this review is to have a robust review of the product, the product performance, and the product affects on the simulation performance.

I have done extensive, rigorous, and prolonged testing for this review.

Please Note: This Review was not solicited, suggested, financed, or influenced by LatinVFR, by anyone, anything, and/or any entity(ies) outside of

Testing Specifications:

Hands-Crafted, Customized & HandMade Hardware Setup: Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-10980XE CPU @ 3.00GHz (Eighteen [18]-Core Central Processing Units [C.P.U’s.], Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R ARGB Close-Loop AIO CPU Liquid Cooler, ASUS WS X299 SAGE LGA 2066 Intel X299 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 CEB Motherboard, One-hundred and twenty-eight (128) Gigabytes (GB) of Dual Channel Random Access Memory (R.A.M.) DDR4000 by GSkill RipJaws, NVIDIA RTX 3090 Graphics Processing Unit (G.P.U.) with twenty-four (24) GB of G6X video R.A.M., Rosewill 1,200 Watt power supply, 4x Solid State Drives (S.S.D’s) two [2] are made by Western Digital), Rosewill ATX mid-sized case, Track Infrared (I.R.) 5 head tracking head gear and receiver (Natural Point, Corvallis, Oregon [OR]. United States of America [U.S.A.]) and a Dell 4K Ultrasharp 43 inch (43″) monitor Dell U4320Q.

Notes: 1) All testing and screenshots in this review were taken at full native 4K (UltraHD, UHD) (3840 x 2160) Resolution. 2) All flight testing was conducted in the contiguous (lower 48) states of  United States of America (U.S.A.) here on the terrestrial surface and/or crust of Planet Earth.

Software: Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (64Bit), Current version of Microsoft Flight Simulator (Premium Deluxe Edition), REX 2020 WeatherForce for Microsoft Flight Simulator, John Dowson‘s FSUIPC 7 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Below are the simulator settings:

Purchase, Download & Installation:

The purchase of Airport Regional Environment X (A.R.E.X.) North America (N.A.) provides can be made through be made through LatinVFR website for $9.99 United States Dollars (U.S.D.). Payment methods include Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover credit cards. Express Payment Checkout options include PayPal, Google (G) Pay, and Shop Pay.

Alternatively, Airport Regional Environment X (A.R.E.X.) can be purchased at the Contrail website by Clicking Your Left Mouse Button RIGHT HERE OR within the Microsoft Flight Simulator (M.S.F.S.) Marketplace (located within the simulator primary menu systems) for a Lower Price o $8.49 (U.S.D.).

**** PLEASE NOT LatinVFR Kindly Provided a free PressCopy of A.R.E.X. for to for Evaluation in this Review. This professional courtesy was and is Much Appreciated!

Once the purchase was made within the LatinVFR website access & licensing rights are granted with in the a downloadable Contrail App provide within the website at purchase and with a receipt and invoice email.

The Contrail App is Very User Friendly and an ease to use for routine updates, similar to that of Orbx Central App.

Score: 9.5/10


Due to the fact that no user interaction is required and/or needed, no product manual is provided to the user.

Score: Not Applicable (N/A)

Graphics Quality:

The overall graphics quality including texture sharpness and clarity at native 4K/Ultra-High-Definition (U.H.D.) resolution are excellent, as expected.

Score: 9/10

Functionality Quality:

I found the Airport Regional Environment X (A.R.E.X.) North America (N.A.) provides to be robustly and universally applicable to all airports in North America (N.A.). While have airport vehicles vehicles density set to the absolute maximum possible setting, there were consistently noticeable levels of generic airports vehicles. This certainly could use further improvement because the designed estectic environmental effect is not Fully in effect.

Score: 8/10

Final Scoring Summation and Grade:

Airport Regional Environment X (A.R.E.X.) North America (N.A.) provides Microsoft Flight Simulation (M.S.F.S.). with a much needed regional environment the most certainly should have been included in the base simulation premium package. Given that the universal usage of smartphones in North America (N.A.) someone on the Microsoft development team, whom inhabits within N.A. territory, could have taken a photograph of a Penske truck on the freeway and obtained commercial usage rights.




26.5 Points Out Of 30 Points


Final Grade: B+


I Highly recommend Airport Regional Environment X (A.R.E.X.) North America (N.A.) provides to add a much-needed esthetical environment that provides some notable sense of comfort and safety, at least on a continental scale.

In Closing, IF you made it this far; I would like to provide a much belated Introduction and Announcement here on the recruitment of UNITED AIRLINES (New York Stock Exchange [N.Y.S.E.] symbol UAL) Second Officer Mr. Dusty” to the AeroSpaceWeekly (A.W.) Team. UNITED AIRLINES (UAL) Second Officer Mr. Dusty has completed all is general onboarding and is fully-operational. Mr. Dusty recently turned one (1) year old (planet earth time).


Please note United Airlines First OfficerEl Kitty” and United Airlines Second OfficerMr. Dusty” will be added to the AeroSpaceWeekly (A.W.) Team Page when time, effort, energy, reserves, patience, understanding, and resources are available And All known and unknown Galaxies, yet not limited to, are independently confirmed to be in absolute perfect alignment. 🙂 🙂 🙂


Lastly, Thank You for your Understanding, and Patience!!!

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