An OP ED On Precision Manuals Development Group (P.M.D.G.).

The lead screenshot of P.M.D.G.’s first Simulator Platform FLY! was sourced from Wikipedia:!

Originally, Precision Manuals Development Group (P.M.D.G.) was not in the software development business, as the Retained and Renown company name and brand name states Obviously with Crystal Clear Clarity.

“New on store shelves for July 29, 1999 is Terminal Reality’s Fly!, published by the Gathering of Developers and Take-Two Interactive,” according to Gamespot (1999 [A.D.]).

A Boeing 747-400 for FLY! in 2000 (A.D.) was P.M.D.G.’s first software product.

Later, after the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (F.S. 2004), Captain Robert S. Randazzo stated in his AVSIM forum’s posts that it was very hard to transition to F.S. 2004.

After Captain Randazzo and P.M.D.G. took the Heroic Leap and Bankrupting Vesting into the Microsoft Universe, products get their updates and occasional surprises like the JetStream 4100, McDonald Douglas 11 (M.D. – 11), Captain Randazzo’s personal simulator of his expensive real life personal DC-6 aircraft hobby, talking about making and grinding it through and surviving a work shift with your job intact, and then there is the unique PHANTOM P.M.D.G. Global Operations.

Mr. Lefteris Kalamaras Founder and Chief of FlightSim Labs originally was one of P.M.D.G.’s and Captain Randazzo’s lead software coder, if not the Chief coder. Apparently they had a parting of ways, possibly not an amicable and civil parting or working “divorce”, if you will. Please Forgive me if the “divorce” analogy is too Real And/Or Radical And/Or Controversial”. Or perhaps it was a creative differences conflict or mis-alignment as they say. Only those two know.

As a lifelong pilot, computer hobbyist, and career scientific researcher I’m not fond of conspiracy theories, but why were P.M.D.G. headquarter’s relocated from Captain Randazzo’s home in northern Nevada (U.S.A.) to Alexandria, Virginia (U.S.A.), a short walking distance to Washington District of Columbia (Washington [D.C.])?

PMDG Simulations, LLC.
1800 Diagonal Rd. Suite 600
Alexandria, VA 22314 U.S.A.

Better Tax Benefits? Better work Environment? Lower cost office lease? A more Culturally Diverse local employee(s) candidate pool? Lower employee cost of living? Lower local financial inflation and lower local taxes inflation? Lower employee turnover and retention rates? Lower advertising and consumables costs? More and More Readily Accessible Resources? Further away from The Boeing Company and The Microsoft Corporation? Better Local infrastructure(s)? Or Perhaps; Immediate and Direct Access to the NEXUS of Local Corporate Attorney’s?

Lastly, If you made it this far, it may be as simple as needing more SNUGGLE & CUDDLE Time On Top of the Bedsheets, Comforter, and Pillows. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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