A High-Fidelity Boeing 777 Widebody Flight Simulator For The Personal Computer (P.C.).

A High-Fidelity Boeing 777 Widebody Flight Simulator For The Personal Computer (P.C.).

By: David Michael Edwards B.S., M.B.A.

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The Boeing Company Commercial Plane Division has had a spotlight of attention for the last couple of years. One of the Perennial products of the division is the Boeing 777 (B777) widebody airline transport category aircraft. Originally designed in the mid-1990’s (A.D.), the B777 was the first for two major achievements by The Boeing Company (Boeing). First, the B777 was the completely and entirely designed digitally on computers, a first for the airline aircraft manufacturing sector. Second, the B777 was the first airline transport category aircraft to have a complete flybywire flight control system. The fly-bywire fight control system refers to “wire” as being electrical circuit connections to control all flight control surfaces (i.e. wing ailerons, elevator, rudder, etc.), as opposed to physical mechanical linkages between the pilot(s) cockpit flight controls and targeted aircraft flight control mechanism (i.e. ailerons, elevator, rudder, etc.). I recall watching an extensive five part Public Broadcasting Station (P.B.S.) documentary series lasting several hours on the “InHouse” development of the B777 at the time as a teenager in 1996 (A.D.). The international deployment of the widebody B777 has provided an economical infrastructure of global international travel for approximately the last twenty-five (25) years. The latest extension of the B777 product line by The Boeing Company is the Boeing 777X (B777X), also identified as the B7778/9. The B777X feature modern improvements in fuel efficiencies, a decreased engine(s) noise footprint, modernization of flight-deck cockpit displays that include touchscreen technology, and folding wingtips to allow for operations in physically tight & small airports and physically tight & small airport terminal environments.

The Precision Manuals Development Group (P.M.D.G.) was founded by Robert Randazzo, a former Beech 1900 twin turbo-propeller (Turboprop & “Puddle Jumper“) commuter airline captain, approximately twenty-five (25) years ago. Captain Randazzo has also earned a Type-Rating for the Boeing 747400Queen Of The Skies aircraft. P.M.D.G. has earned and garnered the industry and market sector reputation of producing the sanely undisputed “Gold Standards” in HighFidelity flight simulators of Boeing airline transport category aircraft for accessible Personal Computers (P.C.’s).

P.M.D.G.’s Captain Randazzo announced the release of their latest iteration of the Boeing 777 high-fidelity aircraft flight simulator for the Person Computer (P.C.) in the company’s online (i.e. web & internet based) public forum on Friday February 26, 2021 (A.D.). The flight simulator is designed as an aircraft specific add-on for the high-fidelity Lockheed Martin Prepar 3D (P3D) flight simulator for the P.C.

P.M.D.G. offers a “Base” package for the B777, with extension add-ons for the B777200 and B777300 models. Detailed product specificaitons and purchase information can be accessed by Clicking RIGHT HERE.

Lastly, P.M.D.G. offers high-fidelity flight simulators for the narrow body Boeing 737NG, and the “Jumbo; Queen Of The SkiesBoeing 747400 & 7478I/F models. Detailed specifications & purchase portal access can be accessed by Clicking RIGHT HERE.

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