RIP. “Chuck Yeager, 1st to break sound barrier, dies at 97,” (AirForce Times; December 8, 2020 [A.D.])

By: David Michael Edwards B.S., M.B.A.

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First reported by AVSIM‘s Chuck_Jodry-VJPL:

“Retired Air Force Brig. Gen. CharlesChuckYeager, the World War II fighter pilot ace and quintessential test pilot who showed he had the Right Stuff when in 1947 he became the first person to fly faster than sound, has died. He was 97,” According to the Air Force Time (December 8, 2020 [A.D.]).

Charles ChuckYeager passed away yesterday. He was the first person to travel faster than the speed of sound. He did it flying a Bell X-1 rocket plane flying at Mach 1.05 at 45,000 feet on October 14, 1947,” according to the National Archives at Riverside (December 8, 2020 [A.D.]).

More information on Brigadier General Charles Chuck Yeager‘s unmatchable, historic, Iconic life & accomplishments can be read and viewed by Clicking RIGHT HERE.

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