By: David Michael Edwards B.S., M.B.A.

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“Since the site was chosen for Chicago’s new airport in 1945, O’Hare has quickly grown into one of the busiest and most well-known airports in the world. Take a look at how O’Hare has changed over the years, and how we continue to change and update Chicago’s number one gateway to the world,” according to FlyChicago.com. OHare International Airport Becomes the “World’s Busiest Airport”: 1960-1969″ FlyChicago.com. A history summary of the Chicago OHare international airport can be read by Clicking RIGHT HERE.

I enjoyed solo-transversing through the Chicago OHare International Airport (KORD) in the early 1990’s, as an early aged teenager, between connecting fights on the way to see my brother; whom was in TopRanked (In the Top 5 Nationally [U.S.A.], possibly ranked #2 or #1 at the time) PhD level graduate school for Economics at the University of Minnesota at the time. My brother’s PhD advisor, Edward C. Prescott Ph.D., eventually won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2004. I distinctly recall having a solo conversation that was both pleasant and cerebral with Dr. Prescott at a bar in Taipei, Taiwan immediately surrounding the events of my brothers wedding in early to mid-summer (i.e. June through July) 2001, prior to the New York, NY (U.S.A.) terrorist events of 9/11/2001. At the time I had just earned my instrument pilot rating and was starting my commercial pilot training at the WestWind School of Aeronautics in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) (U.S.A.). I also had a GREATTTTTTT time in Hong Kong, and Beijing China being able to walk on the Great Wall of China at the exact same location President Clinton visited (pictures of him at the site were on display), my mother was with me on this international trip. The drive out to the Great Wall of China took some time over an hour each direction; including a top for a local farmer to clear the two lane concrete road of the rice, grain, beans or the like he was drying, I would guess. Tiananmen Square surrounded by the entire Chinese Government Apparatus is Unique. I was uncomfortable with buying the “Book of Mao,” in Tiananmen Square and did not do so as it was being sold by people in the square. We were taken to local factories, one of which was hand painting small ceramics products (e.g. vases, jewelry, etc.) While in Beijing, we were told by out two personal and dedicated guides not to leave the hotel at night. Of Course, as a young twenty-six (26) year old single male, I did not Comply. Outside of our hotel was a long street made up of American commercial restaurants (i.e. McDonalds, Starbucks, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), etc.) presumably to lure and appeal to the the Olympic Selection Committees the open and fair business practices of China. Moreover, the Beijing air pollution was being vigorously purified at the time. We were driven around by our two dedicated guides in a white sedan automobile. The lead guide was a college student, whom spoke English pretty good, while the older guide primarily drove the car. On the freeways bicycles erratically weaved in and out of automobile lanes, with a density and speed that make Rush Hour Traffic at Times Square Manhattan New York, NY (U.S.A.) look slow and slothic. One night a middle aged (e.g. early to middle thirties) Chinese local artist befriended me and took me out on the town. He showed me his paintings Scribes and he gave me a few, or I bought them at a low price. Next he took me to a large dance theater and we watched a Magnificently Colorful and Choreographed Dance program from the balcony of a big theater that night. Additionally, he showed me more of the nightlife with a local street market with several barbeque scorpions on a stick, like kabobs, apparently an extremely exotic appetizer. The next couple of nights I went back alone and retraced come of the more FUN places from the original night out with the local Chinese Artist. Overall, the Communist Experience was generally Uncomfortable. Specifically, the Military Grade (i.e. Visible Automatic Rifles.) armed troops in the airport, the occasional military checkpoint within the city, and the government controlled television was altogether Unnerving. When we were leaving the Beijing Airport when on every television in the airport showed the announcement that Beijing had been awarded the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. We flew out of San Francisco (KSFO), California A (U.S.A.) on a UNITED AIRLINES Boeing 747400 to the new Hong Kong Airport. I had an aft right (starboard) wing window seat with Miserable legroom. After about a week in Hong Kong, we flew on an EVA Airlines Boeing 767 from HongKong to Taipei. My legroom on this flight was tolerable. We spent about five (5) days in Taipei for my brother’s wedding. Next , we flew on Hong Kong’s regional airline “Dragon Air,” owned by Cathay Pacific Airlines, from Taipei to Beijing, China. After spending about a week in Beijing, China we took a return trip to Hong Kong, again on “Dragon Air.” This flight was memorable because I noted the one of the pilots was an American and it appeared large pallets of Filled burlap bags were being loaded into the cargo bays of the Boeing 767 aircraft. Immediately after takeoff and up to the cruise level we had lightning surrounding the plane through the climb constantly. I do not recall any notable turbulence or thunder sounds yet, it was Quite Eerie until the lightning was not visible outside my window seat, across the aisle, and surrounding windows. Dragon Air is now owned by Cathay Pacific Airlines and has been ReBranded to Cathay Dragon.” Air Canada gave us a ride back to the U.S.A. on an Airbus A340. The solo Air Canada relief pilot was nice enough to chat with me during the inflight cruise phase over the Pacific Ocean, while I was standing in the cockpit entrance. Back to the Chicago OHare International Airport (KORD), I thought it was pretty cool to have flat escalator belts for travelers, given the vast walking distances. The mosquitos in the Minnesota summer were an uncontrollable and relentless parasitic nuisance.

I am a long-time, loyal, and huge fan & customer of the FS Dreamteam. Their products and customer service are of the highest quality and fidelity for a significant period of time. Obviously, and Naturally the Swiss have distinctly different general concepts and grasps of Quality, Style, Elegance, & Craftsmanship than most people. Specifically, I have super-enjoyed their Outstanding Hawaiian (U.S.A.) products including: Hawaiian Airports Volume 1 & Volume 2, and Honolulu Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (PHNL) (Hawaii [HI]; U.S.A.). I certainly hope FS DreamTeam will redesign these to current technology standards for the Microsoft Flight Simulator. Moveover, their Vancouver British Columbia (B.C.) International, Los Angeles International, Las Vegas MacCarren (KLAS), Fort Lauderdale-Holywood (KFLL),and New York John F. Kennedy (KJFK) International Airports are all Outstanding replica airports developed by FS Dreamteam and would be anxiously & warmly welcomed in the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform.

Aerospace Weekly has purchased a single copy of KORD for M.S.F.S. by FS Dreamteam and HighlyRecommends the purchase without reservation and/or hesitation. The product specification and the purchase portal can be accessed by Clicking RIGHT HERE.

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