The Boeing Corporation Indefinitely Ceases Production Of The Boeing 737 MAX And Changes The Helmsman.

The Boeing Corporation Indefinitely Ceases Production Of The Boeing 737 MAX And Changes The Helmsman.

By: David MEdwards B.S., M.B.A.

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The Boeing 737 aircraft Brand Line has been the Mainstay of global air transport for decades. The most recent update to the line is the Boeing 737 MAX airline transport category aircraft. For decades the Boeing 737 has been a reliable and primary means of revenue, or “Cash Cow”, for The Boeing Company for decades.

Two unprecedent, similar and tragic crashes of the new Boeing 737 MAX resulted in three-hundred and forty-six (346) total human fatalities leading to the Unequivocal Global Grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX on March 13, 2019, according to Edwards (2019). The Boeing 737 MAX aircraft operated by United States entities were ordered grounded on March 13, 2019 by the President of the United States Donald John Trump (Edwards, 2019).

The newest component of the Boeing 737 MAX, the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (M.C.A.S.), has been ubiquitously implicated as a significant focal point of both international crash investigations. The investigations of both fatal crashes are currently ongoing, with final determinations of cause(s) to be publicly disclosed and/or announced.

The financial effects of the global grounding have affected All stakeholder including: The Boeing Company, Airlines (i.e. Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines, and Global Carriers), Part Supplies, etcetera.

The “Root” cause of the Boeing 737 MAX design flaws may be based on the initial design of the new aircraft wing. Boeing airfoil engineers were unable to resolve and fix a critical problem with the wing design, according to Gates and Baker (2019) and Edwards (2019). Thus, the M.C.A.S. was born and developed. The M.C.A.S. computer software system is a new single layer software component designed to fix the physical defects of the faulty wing design. The M.C.A.S. has No Backup redundancy, which has an industry standard triple-layer redundancy for most aircraft systems.

The Boeing Company has recently announced on January 7, 2020 that they are recommending Boeing 737 MAX Flight Simulator Training be required for all Certified pilots, according to The New York Times Natelie Kitroeff and David Gelles (2020, January 7).

First Reported by the Seattle Time’s Dominic Gates and Paul Roberts on December 13, 2019, The Boeing Company, at the direction of the Boeing Board of Directors, will “Halt” assembly of the Boeing 737 MAX at its Renton, Washington (United States of America; U.S.A.) facility with no Boeing employee layoffs.  

Next, first Reported on December 23, 2019 by the Seattle Time’s Dominic Gates, Lewis Kamb, Steve Miletich, and Christine Clarridge The Boeing Company Board of Directors, whom had previously removed C.E.O. Dennis Muilenburg B.S, M.S. as Chairman of the Boeing Board of Directors, had a conference call on Sunday December 22, 2019 and decided it was time to remove him. A representative of the Boeing Board of Directors called C.E.O. Dennis Muilenburg B.S, M.S. on the evening of Sunday December 22, 2019 and asked for his immediate resignation.

“Boeing Co.’s largest supplier for the grounded 737 Max is laying off 2,800 employees, potentially complicating the future of the planemaker’s best-selling jetliner. Spirit AeroSystems Holdings Inc. said the job cuts are needed to reduce costs as Boeing prepares to halt output of the Max indefinitely. Once Boeing production starts up again, production of the Max will probably be lower than in 2019, Spirit said by email Friday,” according to Bloomberg (2020).

The New Boeing President and C.E.O. David Calhoun B.S. took over the Helm of The Boeing Company on Monday January 13, 2020. David Calhoun reportedly Pledged Greater Transparency to all Boeing employees in written communication on his first day in his new role as Commander in Chief of The Boeing Company, according to the Washington Posts Lori Aratania (January 14, 2020).

The Boeing Company President and Chief Executive Office (C.E.O.) David Calhoun B.S. Photograph sourced from The Boeing Company:

The Boeing Company‘s New President new C.E.O. David Calhoun B.S. has a Pandora’s Box of STUFF to Identify, Acknowledge, Recognize, Rectify, and Unquestionably and Definitively Fix before the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft product can be considered to be a Valid, Credible, and most importantly an Genuinely SAFE product for the Global Travel Market usage. Moreover, stopping the Abysmal Plummeting and Hemorrhage of the Global Boeing Company Reputation and Respect with Federal Safety Regulators, Customers, the Public, and the Traveling Public will take a Monumentally Herculean and Historic Effort with an associated Sustainable Commitment…….


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