A United States (U.S.) Boeing Apache AH-64 Attack Helicopter Releases Four (4) Non-Harmful Flares Near U.S. Embassy Protesters In Baghdad, Iraq.

A United States (U.S.) Boeing Apache AH-64 Attack Helicopter Releases Four (4) Non-Harmful Flares Near U.S. Embassy Protesters In Baghdad, Iraq.

By: David MEdwards B.S., M.B.A.

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Rampant protesting outside and a breach of rightful territorial sovereignty of the United States (U.S.) Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq triggered the U.S. Department of Defense (D.O.D.) to deploy approximatley one-hundred (100) Marines and two (2) Boeing AH64 Attack helicopters to defend the (U.S.) Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, according to the Marine Corps Time’s Athey (2019).

A Boeing Apache (AH64) attack helicopter flew overhead and released four (4) non-harmful flares to dampen the volatile situation, according to Yahoo News (2019) and Sky TV (2019).

Video Sourced from “The observer” on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8sLGBypMJk

“Iraqi protesters supportive of an Iran-backed Shiite militia attempted to storm the compound, U.S. Central Command said Tuesday” (Athey, 2019).

“All U.S. personnel are secure and there are no plans to evacuate the embassy, the State Department told Military Times in a Tuesday email.

The State Department added that the U.S. ambassador for Iraq, Matt Tueller, is returning to the embassy from previously scheduled personal travel.

The Marines were requested by the U.S. State Department and their deployment was approved by Iraqi Security Forces, Central Command spokesman Mike Lawhorn told Military Times by phone Tuesday. Two Apache attack helicopters are providing over watch” Athey (2019).

“In response to the attack on the embassy, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to blaming Iran for “orchestrating” the protests“, according to Athey (2019).


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