Flight Simulator Review: Dassault Aviation Falcon 50 For Lockheed Martin Prepar3D Version 4 Flight Simulator Platfrom By FlySimWare Simulation Software L.L.C.

Flight Simulator Review: Dassault Aviation Falcon 50 For Lockheed Martin Prepar3D Version 4 Flight Simulator Platform By FlySimWare Simulation Software L.L.C.

By: David M. Edwards B.S., M.B.A.

David’s Professional LinkedIn Profile can be viewed by clicking here.

Historical Background:

Dassault Avation is a France based company that employs 11,000 people, with 80% in France1. aircraft produced was the Éclair Propeller in 19162. Dassault Aviation has a portfolio of products and services in civil avation, defense aviation, and space. The Rafale jet fighter aircraft, with an “OmniRole by Design,” is the flagship of the Dassault Aviation division. Dassault is the “Creator of more than 100 prototypes in the last century, with over 10,000 aircraft delivered to 90 countries1.” There are 1,100 Dassault combat aircraft in service 1.

The Dassault Falcon business jet aircraft line has delivered nearly 2,500 aircraft in the wide-long range business jet segment3. “In 2017, more than 2,100 Falcons are in service in 90 countries. 60% of the Falcons are used by companies as tools for economic development and growth3.” The flagship of the Dassault Falcon aircraft line is the Falcon 8X, which has a range of 6,450 nautical miles (n.m.) through propulsion by three engines4. The Iconic Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates reportedly owned a Falcon 7X and has since upgraded to the the Bombardier BD700 Global Express with seating for up to 19 people — and a $40 Million United States Dollars (U.S.D.) price tag, according to Bussiness Insider (2018). Mr. Bill Gates has been independently identified, confirmed, categorized, and certified by Forbes Magazine as a Impact Investor.” Moreover, Mr. Bill Gates recently reclaimed the thrown and title as the wealthiest human individual, according to Forbes Magazine (2019).

FlySimWare Simulation Software L.L.C. (FlySimWare) has developed a very solid and well established niche in the third-party flight simulation market. The FlySimWare LearJet 35A is a very nice high-fidelity add-on aircraft for the P3Dv4 flight simulation platform from Lockheed Martin. Detailed specifications for the FlySimWare LearJet 35A and purchase ($44.99 U.S.D.) options can be found and viewed by clicking here. I purchased the FlySimWare LearJet 35A and find it to be an excellent high-fidelity flight simulation. The subject of this review, the Dassault Falcon 50 detailed specification and purchase ($49.99 U.S.D.) options can be found and viewed by clicking here. FlySimWare has consistently updated both their Learjet35A and their Dassault Falcon 50 flight simulators.

Setup (Purchase, Download, Install):

The purchase, download, and installation were seamless with nothing noteable to mention. FlySimWare generously provided a PressCopy of their Dassaulth Falcon 50 flight simulator to Aerospace Weekly (A.W.) at no cost for this review.

Setup Score: 10 out of 10 Points.

Testing Specifications:

Hardware: Dell Alienware Area 51R5Intel Core i9 7980XE (18-Core Central Processing Unit [C.P.U.]), 64 Gigabytes (GB) of Dual Channel HyperX DDR4 at 2,904MHZ, 2X (or two) Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080Ti (11GB GDDR5X, each) in Scalable Link Interface (S.L.I.) or parallel configuration, 1,500 Watt power supply, 3x Solid State Drives (S.S.D.), Track Infrared (I.R.) 5 head tracking head gear and receiver (Natural Point, Corvallis, OR. United States of America [U.S.A.])  and a Dell 4K Ultrasharp 32 inch monitor.

Software: Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (64-bit), Lockheed Martin‘s Prepar 3D version 4.6 (P3Dv4.6)Active Sky for P3Dv4Active Sky Cloud ArtREX Sky Force 3D, REX Environment Force,  Pilot’s! FS Global Ultimate Next Generation FTX Mesh (Global land elevation points generated from orbiting satellite reconnaissance mapping in collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration [N.A.S.A.]), Flight1 Ultimate Traffic Live, and Chaseplane (Head tracking software by OLDPROP).

Notes: 1) Purchase of Lockheed Martin’s Prepare 3D version 4 is required for this aircraft add-on to work and can be purchased here. 2) All testing herein was conducted at 4K (4190 x 2160) resolution. 3) All flight testing was conducted in the contiguous (lower 48) states of  United States of America (U.S.A.). 4) All screenshots in this review were taken at 4K (Ultra-HD) Rresolution.

Supplemental Training:

Just Planes cockpit videos is an outstanding source for flight crew training outside the formal “Airline” training programs airlines, charter companies. JustPlanes has an Ameristar Jet Charter, Inc. Falcon 20 cockpit Digital Video Disc (D.V.D.), which I found increadibly interesting and valuable to get up to speed on the Dassault Aviation Falcon line of products. The two engined turbojet Falcon 20 Ameristar and Just Planes training video starts off with a pleasant introduction on the Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) Title 14 Part 135 OnDemand/AdHoc (e.g. when demanded and necessary) aircraft charter company, Ameristar. Next, Assistant Chief Pilot Captain Mark Maleki provides training on the external walk-around inspection technique. Once in the cockpit, Captain Mark Maleki then systematically explains all the aircraft systems, switch, and functions prior to engine startup. The training video shows real-time Ameristar Falcon 20 operations including: repositioning, Instrument Meteorological Flight Conditions (I.M.C.), and night operations. The Ameristar Falcon 20 video product specifications and purchase (approximately $14.91 [U.S.D.]) options are available to view and read by clicking here.

Flight Testing Program:

I tested the Dassault Aviation Falcon 50 by FlySimWare over an extended period of time over several Lockheed Martin’s Prepare 3D version 4 updates. The very rigorous testing was focused on the flight model, systems, and overall performance in highly handicaped and depressed conditions (e.g. ORBX Simulation Systems TrueEarth Great Britan South, which is currently under review with Aerospace Weekly (A.W.), Bill Womak‘s iBlueYonder/FlightBeam Portland International Airport (KPDX), etc.).


The forty-six (46) page manual is sufficiently detailed and presented with essential graphics. The manual most certinaly could use performance charts and tables (Take-Off, Landing, Weight and Balance, Center of Gravity, Loading, etc.). The esthetic presenation and graphics of the manual certainly could use some improvement, however the manual sufficiently detailed and functional. The manual is available to all at no cost by clicking here.

Manual Score: 8 out of 10 Points.

Exterior Modeling and Textures:

The exterior model and textures of the Dassault Aviation Falcon 50 by FlySimWare are both very solid. Physics Based Redering (P.B.R.) implementation and presentation is very solid, welcomed, and well-recieved. While, not spectacular nor jaw-dropping the over all exterior modeling, texturing, and P.B.R. effects are solid.

Exterior Modeling and Texture Score: 8 out of 10 Points.

Virtual Cockpit Modeling and Textures:

The Virtual Cockpit (V.C.) 3D modeling of the Dassault Aviation Falcon 50 by FlySimWare is sufficiently detailed to provide a very good and very solid cockpit environment.

However, the V.C. cockpit textures are not sufficient. While not an eyesore, the V.C. textures are not at what would be expected of a top-tier simulation. FlySimWare announced they will try to effectively address the deficiency by hiring a sufficiently talented and seasoned graphical texture artist for future products.

Virtual Cockpit (V.C.) Modeling and Texture Score: 6 out of 10 Points.

Flight Model (Flight Dynamics):

The flight model of the Dassault Aviation Falcon 50 by FlySimWare is outstanding at lower altitudes below 10,000 feet Mean Sea Level (M.S.L.). However, as the flight model moves into the higher Flight Levels (F.L.’s) problems being to accumulate. The modeling of engine thrust at higher altitutes is not modeled correctly. As the aircraft climbes higher engine thust output does not decrease at very high altitudes. In fact, I was able to spend about thirty-minutes in an agressive climb that had no noteable decrease in fuel flow to any of the three engines. Moreover, I was able to clime the Dassault Aviation Falcon 50 to an altitude in excess of 80,000 feet M.S.L. (F.L. 80) with no decrease in engine performance at FL 80 and/or fuel consumption. The Dassault Aviation Falcon 50 by FlySimWare effectively had no climb ceiling. Unfortunately, the Internal Space Station (I.S.S.) was not modeled and/or simualtion in the Lockheed Martin Prepar 3D version 4 (P3Dv4) flight simulator. If it was, the Dassault Aviation Falcon 50 by FlySimWare could have gotten close enough to do a space-walk to have a visit and chat with the current acting I.S.S. crew.

Flight Model (Flight Dynamics) Score: 8 out of 10 Points.

Innovative Features:

The flight simulator of the Dassault Aviation Falcon 50 by FlySimWare offers a generally accepted package of modern features that are required and mandatory for a toptier flight simulator. I do like the robust integration of the Flight 1 Garmin GTN Global Positioning Systems (G.P.S.’s). This make the flights much more user friendly and leave the coding of the Flight Managment Systems (F.M.S.’s) and/or Flight Managment Computers (F.M.C.’s) for the those whom enjoy programing the flight plans. The Garmin GTN 650 and GTN 750 complete package (includes both the Garmin GTN 650 and GTN 750) costs an addition $64.95 United States Dollars (U.S.D.). The package can be integrated into cooporating and compatible aircraft. The High-Fidelity Garmin GTN G.P.S. simulation by Flight 1 can be purchased by clicking here.

Innovative Features Score: 8 out of 10 Points.

Dynamic 3D Lighting and Physics Based Rendering (P.B.R.) Effects:

Flysimware L.L.C. does both a good and solid job implmenting both Dynamic 3D Lighting and Physics Based Rendering (P.B.R.) Effects. While, neither provide a lasting impression they do the job and provide the needed effects.

Dynamic 3D Lighting and Physics Based Rendering (P.B.R.) Effects Score: 8 out of 10 Points.


The aircraft systems simulation and systems depth can be reasonably characterized to be that of a toptier flight simulator. However, cabin and cockpit pressurization is not modeled. Moreover, the systems fidelity and depth lack that of a “Study Level” flight simulation and genuine HighFidelity flight simualtion.

Systems Score: 8 out of 10 Points.


The comprehensive soundset is awesomely outstanding throughout, Bar None. My only note would be the takeoff sounds have a bit too much Juice. The Dassault Aviation Falcon 50 by FlySimWare takeoff sounds in the cockpit, like I would imagine a military fighter aircraft taking off in the cockpit.

Sound Score: 10 out of 10 Points.


My primary problem with this flight simulator is the flight model. I would highly recommend fixing the flaws noted in this review. Specifically, the flight dynamics and flight model at non-sterile cockpit altitudes (i.e. 10,000 Mean Sea Level [M.S.L.] altitutes and above). The systems breadth and depth could certainly use significant improvement. However, at the price level the product is selling for the further enhancement of the systems and associated systems depth is likely to not be financially viable with the business model.

Score: 74 out of 90 Point

Overall Score:  82.222% (%)

Final Grade:   B-

Conclusions and Concluding Remarks:

I cannot categorize, nor Certify, this flight simulator as a HighFidelity flight simulator based this review. Setting aside the signifiant problems of the flight model noted and the sub-par Virutal Cockpit, the Dassault Aviation Falcon 50 by FlySimWare is a very solid flight simulator, overall. The list price of $49.99 U.S.D. provides a value for a nice three turobjet engine aircraft to fly around at low altitutes. The Dassault Aviation Falcon 50 by FlySimWare flight simulator details and purchase gateway is available by clicking here. I highly recommend the flight simulator, keeping in mind that it is not a HighFidelity flight simulator nor a “StudyLevel” flight simulator. For spatial reference, a HighFidelity flight simulator will have a floor (i.e. bottom, minimum) price of approximately $74.99 U.S.D. up to and including approximatley $149.99 U.S.D.

PLEASE NOTE THE Dassault Aviation Falcon 50 by FlySimWare flight simulator is currently on sale for $29.99 U.S.D., which is an Exception Value right now. I Highly-Recommend purchasing it by clicking here.


1 Business Insider. (2019, February 22). Bill Gates Reveals Two ‘Crazy Things’ He Purchased Since Becomming A Billionaire 30 Years Ago. http://www.BusinessInsider.com Retrieved from: https://www.businessinsider.com/bill-gates-spending-biggest-indulgences-2018-2

2 Dassault-b. (n.d.). Company Profile. http://www.Dassault-aviation.com Accessed on July 14, 2019. Retrieved from: https://www.dassault-aviation.com/en/group/about-us/company-profile/

2 Dassault-b. (n.d.). 1916 1945 Foundations. http://www.Dassault-aviation.com Accessed on July 14, 2019. Retrieved from: https://www.dassault-aviation.com/wp-content/extra/timeline/en/

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5 Forbes Magazine. (2019, October 24). Jeff Bezos Is No Longer The Richest Person In The World After Amazon Stock Plunges. http://www.Forbes.com Retrieved from: https://www.forbes.com/sites/angelauyeung/2019/10/24/jeff-bezos-is-no-longer-the-richest-person-in-the-world/#f0fa6a67ae82

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