Boeing. You Have A Problem.

By: David M. Edwards B.S., M.B.A.

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I do not know what the Russian‘s, Iranian‘s, German‘s, Japanese, Vietnames, North Korean’s, Burmese, Kazakstanian’s, Indian‘s, Chinese, Argentinian’s, Mexican‘s, and/or the Swiss think of the Boeing 737 MAX debacle and/or The Boeing Company response. Certainty The Boeing Company President, Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.) and Chairman of the Board Of Directors (B.O.D.) Dennis A. Muilenburg, whom is in complete command of The Boeing Company, has not acknowledged any fault(s) or problem(s), nor jumped on the live grenades and/or live bombs the dabacle continues to widely disseminate.

Today, Saudi Arabia’s flyadeal” airlines said Enough is Enough and “No More.”

First reported by Time Magazines’ Aya Batrway, flyadeal airlines has canceled a $6 Billion United States Dollars (U.S.D.) order for the Boeing 737 MAX jets, opting to order thirty (30) high-effiency next-generation Airbus A320neo airline transport category jets with an option for twenty (20) more.

One thought on “Boeing. You Have A Problem.

  1. Boeing has blamed the flight deck software supplier, without explicitly naming Collins, for a problem with an alert on the flight deck displays that, according to Indonesian investigators, might have helped prevent the first crash if it had been functioning properly.


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