FlightSimExpo (FSExpo) 2019

FlightSimExpo (FSExpo) 2019 is scheduled for June 7 through June 9, 2019 in Orlando, Florida (United States of America, U.S.A.) at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld.

By: David M. Edwards B.S., M.B.A.

David’s LinkedIn Professional Profile can be viewed by clicking here.

The inaugural FSExpo 2018 was located in Las Vegas, Nevada (U.S.A.) and was a Great Success.

FSExpo is an annual flight simulator community driven event.

The FSExpo 2019 website can be accessed by clicking here.

FSExpo 2019 will feature a plethora of vendors, and speakers including: Matt Bartels (Delta Airlines, Flight Dispatcher), Ethan Hawes (Airline Pilot for Republic Airways), Jason Miller (Certified Career Flight Instructor), Paul Schulten (Airline Pilot for Southwest Airlines), and Calum Martin (Co-Founder of FSElite flight simulation news outlet).

The detailed FSExpo 2019 schedule can be viewed by clicking here.

To kick off the 2019 FSExpo, a friday afternoon seminar series will begin at 12:30 pm Eastern Daylight Time (E.D.T.) and end at approximately 5:15 pm E.D.T. Individual forty-five minute seminars will be as follows, sequentially :

Lockheed Martin: Prepar3D (Subject: Advanced Training and Simulation)

Jetline Systems: (Subject: Hardware Tweaking and Tuning)

Navigraph: (Subject: Flying at the Next Level)

Orbx Simulations Systems: (Subject: Scenery Design)

The details on the friday June 7th seminar series can be viewed by clicking here.

The vast array of Sponsors and Exhibitors FSExpo 2019 will host can be viewed by clicking here.

The FSExpo 2019 Venue, Logistical, and Airline and Hotel Travel Discounts can be viewed by clicking here.

The detailed event schedule, floor maps, and list of speakers and panelists can be viewed by clicking here.

Anyone can attend and register FSExpo 2019 by clicking here.

*** NOTE: All vendor logos, images, and photographs for this news post are sourced from the FSExpo 2019 Official Website ( ), which can be viewed by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “FlightSimExpo (FSExpo) 2019

  1. I have a silly question. As this is called Aerospace Weekly, does that mean you’ll post weekly? I know that ADX became a meme, but just curious if this will be 2.0


    1. Hi Jim,

      That is not silly question at all!!!!!!!


      The game plan and strategy here at Aerospace Weekly (A.W.) is to have a in-depth article published once per week.
      This will be in addition to new News posts that are significantly interesting, of merit, impactful and/or is of relevance to HighFidelity flight simulation and Aerospace (Aviation + Space).

      The new News posts will be sporadic as new News events unfold and are revealed in the mainstream media. It will be a bit of time until an in-depth article per week is published regularly and fully operational. The mechanisms are in motion now. I have the first complete draft of the first in-depth Article now. However, I’m a bit bogged down right now with other matters and don’t have time to do final editing and polishing. I am hoping to have the first Article published shortly.

      Thanks So Very Much Jim for your straight forward question and interest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Dave M. Edwards


  2. I wish you guys & gals the best, am a flight simulator tech on level-D simulators and FTD level 7.

    I fallen away from Prepar3d over the years, My dream is still build a home simulator with great visuals. I had followed ADX over the years and hope you continue with the great articles and reviews! Looking forward to full spectrum on aviation articles to come also.


    1. Hi Charles,

      Welcome Aboard!!!!!!!

      Thanks for your information and blessings!!!

      Feel free to sign up to Follow and also sign up for Email Notifications for new News posts, Articles, and Reviews.

      I’ll try to get the first in-depth Article finalized and published, as soon as I can get to it.

      We’ll also be doing reviews of High-Fidelity flight simulation add-on products for Laminar Research’s X-Plane 11 and Lockheed Martins’s P3D. I’ve recently started using X-Plane 11 and find it Very interesting. I’m also looking into doing reviews on aerospace products outside the Personal Computer (P.C.) based flight simulation market.

      Dave M. Edwards


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